Community Update
Good to know: This report will provide us as community an overview and brief highlights on recent developments and events.
In Q1 Bunny Punk started its successful NFT launch on ESC. Followed by critical instruments for next stage developments. Additionally we launched the $BUNNY token to bring utility for innovative NFT projects. Soon after we released “BUNNYHOP” where our Bunny Punk community can stake their NFTs to earn rewards. Also bringing the opportunity for other NFT collections to bring more utility to their projects.
Our next journey is the NFT bridge, bringing innovations and crosschain capabilities. A lot of time and financial resources were invested by the team.
With creating and developing the first cross-chain bridge on ESC, the team participated in the community proposal voting round from E-LAB. You can read the full proposal here: Cyber Republic
The voting period will start Aug 1 till Aug 8 and we would appreciate your support.
Insights of the past week.
According to our lite paper we successfully deployed the following roadmap points.
  • Launch of the NFT staking platform “Bunnyhop”
  • Bringing more exposure to Elastos through NFTs by a multi-chain structure with a cross-chain collaboration alongside Pasar NFT marketplace.
  • Pasar protocol has successfully launched on the Fusion network in collaboration with Bunnypunk, being the first NFT marketplace. This brought a lot hype within both communities and multi-chain interoperability.
Our mission is to bring more exposure to Elastos through interoperability solutions. We are happy to see other ESC projects emerging in this hype and grabbing the opportunity to collaborate with other chains. As a result Elacity asked the community to allocate their time for going multichain ASAP. The community supported this. Vitrim proposed to CRC for developing a crosschain platform.
In our opinion we like to see more collaboration between ESC projects. Like more sharing of ideas, knowledge and future plans. It goes without saying we are happy to see other projects making significant steps towards interoperability. Like we’ve said from the start, we believe the succes of Elastos lies within crosschain solutions.
Recently we saw big improvements and achievements by collaborating and sharing ideas and knowledge. This led to the first Fusion NFT integration, facilitated by Pasar Protocol. Which resulted in community synergy.
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